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Xiaomi crowdfunding puts our sensor water-saving device: 79 yuan per

Source:未知  Time:2021-02-04
On January 8th, Xiaomi launched the 302th new product in crowdfunding. It is our sensor water-saving device. It has the characteristics of sensing water, saving water and energy, convenient disassembly and assembly, long battery life, and anti-overflow protection. The price is 79 yuan.
This product is a third-party product of a brand, which is delivered by Wuhan Huida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and provides after-sales service.
As a simple but not simple induction water saver, it can be easily assembled to upgrade ordinary faucets to induction faucets. The water can be discharged when you reach out your hand, and it is no longer necessary to repeatedly switch the faucet manually, and does not transfer stains to the faucet to avoid cross contamination.
Two groups of sensing areas, two water outlet modes, 0.25 second quick sensing, smart, convenient and easy to enjoy.
When the sensing object enters the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 10cm), water will begin to flow. When the sensing object leaves, the water will stop. If the sensing object stays in the bottom sensing area, the water will stop automatically after more than 20 seconds to meet the daily cleaning needs.
When the sensing object enters the side sensing area (within a limited distance of 5cm), water will begin to flow. The water outlet time lasts for 3 minutes, even if the sensing object leaves, it still keeps water outlet. If the sensing object enters the side sensing area again during the water discharge process, the water discharge can be stopped at any time, which is a good choice for water storage.
Air injection technology is used to increase the proportion of air in the water outlet process, making the splash soft and delicate, and more scouring. At the same time, the unused water output time is reduced, so that the water flow of the faucet reaches 0.07L/s, reaching the first level of water efficiency. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also makes monthly water bills less.